Gooseneck Kettle Trouble Shootings

  1. Kettle will not turn ON


Possible Cause


Poor contact with kettle power cord plug

  1. Check kettle power cord to make sure plug is making good contact with outlet
  2. Plug into another outlet and check to make sure the outlet is not faulty.

Foreign objects in the kettle and base sound

Lift kettle to check and remove foreign object

Kettle circuit failure

Contact customer



2.Kettle will not Shut off


Possible Cause


The amount of water in the kettle is too low

Make sure to fill the kettle with at least 1 CUP (8 US fl.oz).



3.Problems of use


Possible Cause


Yellow spots on the kettle heating plate

These yellow spots are limescale, which does not affect your health. Regular descaling according to the instructions and the use of filtered or purified water is recommended to minimize limescale production.

Screen display - - 

Place the kettle on the base

Screen display E1

Kettle dry burn protection, please check whether there is water in the kettle

Screen display E2

Temperature detection sensor failure, please contact customer service to deal with

Kettle display E4

Input voltage error, please use between 100-127V use
Buzzer stop working

Buzzer stop working

Long press the power button for 5 seconds to check whether the buzzer sound is mistakenly turned off

Plug in the kettle after the home circuit is disconnected

Please check whether there is water into the kettle inside, leave the kettle for a period of time before use.