Air Humidifiers Trouble Shootings

Q1: What is the output on cool mist and warm mist?

A1: The maximum cool mist is 300ml/h and the warm mist is 420ml/h for areas up to 377ft².

Q2: How does the warm mode work?

A2: Heated water to about 140℉ and then ultrasonic mist. This way is much safer than steam vapor. No danger of burning. It protects the safety of children and gets along well with pets.

Q3: How long does it take for the warm to feel warm and how hot is it?

A3: It takes about 5 minutes to warm up and start pushing out the warm mist. After running for 10 minutes, the mist on the outlet can reach 113℉, and the maximum temperature can reach 120 ℉ in 30 minutes.

Q4: Does it spray out white dust in the warm setting?

A4: It depends on the water you use. The white dust is caused by the water mineral content being too high. We recommend using purified or distilled water. Avoid using tap water!